Need a Proof Reader? Try Chereese at GrammarRulesAtoZ

Because of complications with our editing service, Kirkus Editorial, which put us behind schedule, when we received our 1st pass proofs for To Thee is This World Given from 52 Novels (our eBook formatter and print book interior designer), we had to find a competent proofreader on short notice who would agree to do the work at a reasonable price on an expedited schedule.

Chereese with GrammarRulesAtoZ came to our rescue. Not only did she reply to our inquiry within twenty-four hours, she had our proofs back to us in four days and only charged us $150.00 (her rate is based on a flat fee of $1.50 per each double-spaced, twelve point font page).

Cheresse was great to work with and the process was simple and straightforward — you just email her your manuscript and when it’s ready she will forward you an invoice via PayPal and send you your edited manuscript upon receipt of payment.

GrammarRulesAtoZ has a no-frills website, but the service is competent and professional. We also recommend AutoCrit, which is an automated online editing service. While it does not offer copyediting and is not a substitute for a human editor, it is has been indispensable to us for early round substantive editing, and we can’t recommend it enough. You can learn more about it here. Another post you might find helpful is To Lie or To Lay, That is This Question, which provides a quick guide for how to keep lie and lay straight. Finally, you might also enjoy our post, Publishing: Odds and Ends and Lessons Learned

To learn more about our experience with Kirkus Editorial, see our post here


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