Pablo Neruda, a high-brow SciFi Journal, and Endangered Animals

We wanted to share some of the current publishing Kickstarter campaigns we’re backing. You can really get a feel for how varied the campaigns can be and how varied backer interests are.

All three have at least 20 days left in their campaigns. The Lost Poems of Pablo Neruda will almost certainly be funded, and likely will surpass its funding goal. Tycho Journal (SciFi short stories) has a good chance of being funded — Kickstarter has been promoting the project quite a bit. The Eco Art of Endangered Animals will likely fail to fund; unfortunately, we are the only backer so far and the announcement has slipped off the main page.

The great thing about Kickstarter is that even if you need help to fund your own project, you often have enough to spare at any given point to be able help out other campaigns. Even small pledges can help with a campaign’s popularity ranking, which will keep it prominently placed where those with greater resources will see it.

If you’d like to learn more about crowdfounding for writers and publishers, Poets & Writers has an informative article on it

If you are creating a publishing Kickstarter, this how-to from NickD is probably the best there is anywhere.


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