eponym is an independent micropress.

We specialize in publishing novellas — short works of fiction, typically 75-125 pages long (17,000-30,000 words).

Because we concentrate on eBook and POD distribution models, and utilize 3rd party production services, we are able to publish works that traditional offset-reliant publishing houses often shun as “too short to publish.”

Our print books are distributed globally by Lightning Source through Bertrams, the Ingram Book Group, and Baker & Taylor, as well as other distribution partners.

For retail customers, our print and eBooks are available directly from us, and at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and KoBo.

We publish all of our books under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License. The full text of the license can be found at Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4 License

If you would like to share or adapt our works, please contact us at permissions@eponymbooks.com to insure that your use will fall within the license or if you are interested in using or adapting our works for commercial purposes. Please indicate that you are contacting us about permissions in the subject line.

For retail sales information and to place Direct and Bulk Order Sales, please email us at orders@eponymbooks.com or use the form on our Direct Orders page.

For Special Market Sales, please email us at spmkt@eponymbooks.com

For Review Copies, please email us at reviews@eponymbooks.com

For Book Club materials and discounts, please email us at info@eponymbooks.com, and indicate that you are contacting us regarding our Book Club program in the subject line.

And to submit or notify us of pending or published Reviews, please email us at reviews@eponymbooks.com

You may also use the contact form below for inquiries of any nature.

eponym is proud to support independent authors, publishers, and micropresses, and Creative Commons licensing of intellectual property. We encourage you to explore the independent author community and the Creative Commons.

This site is focused primarily on topics relevant to independent publishing and publishers as a whole, and of course, books published by eponym. If you are looking for Khel’s personal site, visit: khelmilam.tumblr.com

Thanks so much for interest in eponym!


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