eponym is the imprint of the works of Khel Milam. Khel specials in novellas (short literary works between 75-125 pages long).

eponym proudly supports independent authors and their micropresses, as well as the Creative Commons licensing of intellectual property.

As a micropress dedicated to the works of a single author, eponym does not publish the works of other authors, however, Khel welcomes requests from authors of poetry, short story collections, and novellas to have their works displayed in the sidebar. She cannot guarantee that she will read or review the books displayed, but she can guarantee that the books will remain displayed until the author requests they be removed. She also welcomes requests from editors, proof readers, interior designers, and eBook formaters to be displayed.

Khel is truly grateful for all comments, even if sometimes her replies are tardy.

eponym novellas are distributed globally by Lightning Source through Bertrams, the Ingram Book Group, and Baker & Taylor..

For retail customers, Khel’s print and eBooks are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and KoBo.

All of Khel’s books are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License. The full text of the license can be found at Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4 License

If you would like to share or adapt Khel’s works, please contact Khel at info@eponymbooks.com to insure that your use will fall within the license or if you are interested in using or adapting Khel’s works for commercial purposes. Please indicate that you are contacting eponym about permissions in the subject line.

You may also use the contact form below for inquiries of any nature.

If you are looking for Khel’s personal site, visit: khelmilam.tumblr.com

Thanks so much for interest in Khel’s novellas!


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