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“The Hardest Thing in Writing is Simply to Tell the Truth”

On the ideas and themes in To Thee is This World Given. The unifying theme behind To Thee is This World Given is that we are not an inherently selfish, callus, violent species. … Continue reading

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Finding the Time to Write

To Thee is This World Given Virginia Wolf once said that one needs money and a room of one’s own to be able to write. But what one really needs is time. … Continue reading

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Happy 1st (Book)Birthday!

Originally posted on Records of the Ohanzee:
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to my first book, Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror! The book was released one year ago today, and it’s hard…

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The Science of Writing Slowly

When I wrote To Thee is This World Given, both my first and second drafts were written longhand on yellow legal pads, and even as I typed the third draft, every iteration … Continue reading

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The Promenade of the Ghostly Subtitles

A poem from the inventive pen of Kenneth Koch (1925-2002), who helped us think about language and its stuffy forms in new and liberating ways. The Promenade of the Ghostly … Continue reading

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So, I’m Going To Make A Movie…

Originally posted on KURT★BRINDLEY:
One of my resolution solutions at the beginning of last year was to become involved in the art of script writing. Of course, if you…

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What Exactly Is Drabble?

? By The Drabble Poem? Story? Brain vomit? A snapshot? A representation of a thought, idea, feeling or emotion? An entry point for thought or feeling? Drabble can be all…

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Publishing: Odds and Ends and Lessons Learned

We are approaching the one year anniversary of the release of Khel’s book, To Thee is This World Given, and we thought this was a good time to share a few of things … Continue reading

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Writer’s Digest University: Breaking into Copywriting Course

WDU’s online Breaking into Copywriting course begins this Thursday, January 14, 2016 and runs through February 11, 2016. The course is designed for writers who would like to supplement their writing … Continue reading

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