Purchase Our Books

You can buy our books in any quantity and in any format directly from us. Print editions are available signed or unsigned.

To place bulk orders, and for assistance with all other direct orders, please feel free to use the contact form below, or email us at orders@eponymbooks.com. Be sure to include an email address where we can reach you.

  To Thee Is This World Given,

dfw-km-ttitwg-cover-thumbeBook (all formats) US $2.99   BuyNow-button-blue

Paperback, signed or unsigned, US $9.95 BuyNow-button-blue

Hardback, signed or unsigned, US $16.95  BuyNow-button-blue

Shipping & Handling, $5.00 (pb) and $6.00 (hb)

When purchasing a print book, please indicate if you would like the book signed or unsigned in the “description” box on the order form.

Please contact us with the form below or by email at orders@eponymbooks.com to place orders to Canada, the UK, Europe, and Australia.

Unsigned books ship from our printer, Lightning Source. Signed books ship directly from us.

Thanks so much for your interest in eponym!


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